Advanced, scalable, secure gift card processing technology

Our proprietary, API rich technology follows a secure cloud distributed architecture with 24/7/365 connectivity and scalability. Integrations are fast, risk-free, and flexible, keeping any IT disruption to an absolute minimum. With over 150 real-time API connections and growing, Savvy wires our customers into the leading sales channels to drive sales and customer loyalty.

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Performance focused gift card analytics with Microsoft Power BI

Isolated data sets in various formats can be easily combined into one unified high-value data set, securely stored in our globally distributed Azure cloud environment. Azure offers unmatched security, unrivalled expertise, and the broadest set of built-in management tools and a full range of open-source support, handling 6.5 trillion global signals daily.

Massive global scale

The sky’s the limit! With ultra-fast connectivity and global scale, the capability to process across more than 140 countries and currencies, Savvy’s solution is designed to change with your business, wherever it grows.

The global network of Savvy's branded payments solutions

Why choose Savvy?

Exceptional support and expertise
Exceptional support and expertise

Just like our technology our support is 24/7/365, with access to our Savvy experts and developers to help optimise your programme – no tickets, no bots.

Customer insights to help you grow
Customer insights to help you grow

Our self-service retail data analytics platform is an industry first, bringing real-time customer data to life. We’ll also help drive sales through our distribution network of 150+ malls and resellers.

Competitive cost, valuable performance
Competitive cost, valuable performance

We offer complete flexibility and transparency of your programme performance. Our industry first self-service customer analytics platform uses real-time customer data to discover business changing insights.

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