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New programme launch


Platform configuration

We have been impressed with the high level of service and support the Savvy team has provided us since launch.
Their consultative approach has been invaluable to help us navigate the world of gift cards, generate new business relationships and optimise opportunities.

Growth Account Manager, Naked Wines


Naked Wines is an online wine retailer that launched in the UK back in 2008 and has a community of over 330,000 Angels. Their mission is to change the way the wine industry works for the better, by connecting everyday wine drinkers with the world’s best independent winemakers.

The challenge

Having never launched a gift card programme in the UK previously, Naked Wines decided the time was right to finally put this into action. They wanted to create a new marketing stream to attract new customers to the brand without the need to discount. They had had a range of acquisition channels in the past but wanted to look at alternative sources for customer reach.

With a small internal team and no previous gift card experience, they needed a knowledgeable and experienced
provider to guide them to success. They considered an end-to-end provider but ultimately decided they wanted the flexibility to choose the right suppliers for them along the value chain.

The Savvy solution

Savvy successfully launched Naked Wines online digital gift card programme, offering them the use of our Analytics platform to track and grow the success of their programme along with distribution into B2C and B2B sales channels to maximise its exposure.

We came strongly recommended to Naked Wines from several trusted sources and were able to demonstrate
industry and technical expertise and an excellent commercial model. It was an instant good fit and we developed a positive relationship with the client early on in the project, giving them the faith to believe that their gift card programme would have the best chance at success by partnering with Savvy.

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