Revolutionising Loyalty: Caffè Nero’s Digital Wallet Transformation


New programme launch


Platform configuration

Savvy’s collaboration with both Caffè Nero and Teya teams has not only driven innovation, but has arguably set a new benchmark for instore customer experience when it comes to spending gift cards. We’re proud to have played a key role in deepening the loyalty experience for Caffè Nero’s customers, and we’re excited to see where their mobile gift card experience will go from here.

Dominic Issartel – SVP UK & Europe, Savvy.


Founded by Gerry Ford approximately 25 years ago, Caffè Nero is driven by a profound love for coffee and a vision to establish authentic Italian cafés throughout Europe. Starting from humble beginnings, Caffè Nero’s journey began with a focus on local independent coffee houses, gradually expanding into a formidable presence within the industry. Despite its growth, Caffè Nero maintains a start-up mindset, continually reinvesting in its business to uphold Gerry’s original vision with unwavering determination.

Renowned for its commitment to quality and consistency, Caffè Nero boasts its own Roastery, crafting an award-winning coffee blend that sets it apart. With a dedicated espresso training school ensuring the mastery of coffee-making artistry by all baristas, Caffè Nero has flourished into a family-owned enterprise, boasting over 800 coffee houses across Europe.

The challenge

Back in 2017, Caffè Nero worked with YoYo Wallet (now Teya) as their technology partner to redefine their customer experience through a revolutionary interactive app. The Caffè Nero app has transformed the in-store customer experience, provides invaluable insight into purchasing behaviours, and enables a highly personalised customer engagement and rewards experience.

But one final step remained, until now. The Caffè Nero gift card could not be added to the app and embedded into the normal instore ‘pay by app’ process so popular with the customers and baristas alike. This became a top priority for the Caffè Nero team following customer feedback so Teya and Savvy set to work to make it happen.

The Savvy Solution

Caffè Nero articulated specific gift card user experience requirements for the app, including the ability to link physical or digital gift card codes to the app wallet, facilitate balance checking, and enable seamless redemption during in-store transactions. Savvy’s involvement was critical in translating these requirements into actionable solutions.

Savvy collaborated closely with Teya to develop the necessary logic and functionalities for gift card integration within the app. This involved providing comprehensive API support and sandbox access, enabling Teya to implement the required features securely and efficiently. Ongoing invaluable guidance and support from Savvy ensured that the integration of gift card processing services was seamless and aligned with Caffè Nero’s vision for the app.

The end result of Savvy’s collaboration with Caffè Nero and Teya was a transformative digital wallet solution that offered unparalleled convenience and flexibility to customers. With the ability to link gift cards in wallet, check balances, and redeem gift cards seamlessly via the app, customers now enjoy a streamlined and frictionless instore experience.


The collaboration between Savvy, Caffè Nero, and Teya resulted in an advanced digital wallet solution which launched in October 2023. It has enhanced the customer experience, providing quick and seamless transactions in Caffè Nero’s coffee shops. Additionally, Caffè Nero can now track all gift card purchases at the store and customer level, providing valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.

Looking ahead, plans include allowing customers to purchase gift cards via the app for gifting purposes and introducing incentives for app users to top up their gift cards using the Savvy Rewards module.

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