Unlock the wealth of knowledge hidden within your gift card data and the opportunities that lie within it. With Savvy’s Analytics platform, you can learn the secrets that will take your gift card programme to the next level.

Access gift card programme analytics and reporting online at any time

What can Savvy’s Analytics do?

Access real-time reports and customer insights that will change and inform the way your gift card programme works forever. Savvy offers a unified view of performance across all outlets and channels in one place for easy access.

But what exactly can Savvy’s Analytics do? From a single dashboard, we offer multiple-layer filters so that you can drill down into every last detail of your gift card programme’s performance.

With our bespoke dashboard, customise your data and review your performance against your targets by displaying your selected KPIs. Alongside our range of standard reports, Savvy also builds your own set of personalised reports, built to your needs only following a detailed consultation with our experts.

Get single sign-on access to a world of data designed to help you understand your gift card programme and evolve for the future to maximise profitability.

We understand that we have a responsibility to keep your data safe. That’s why we take absolutely no risks. Savvy’s Analytics platform is supported by Power BI & Microsoft Azure in multiple global environments.

Need to share data with stakeholders and third parties? You can do so safely as all reports are downloadable directly to your business network.

With Savvy, you’re in control. You set the parameters of how you filter your real-time data; by brand, by store, by promotion – the list goes on. We offer multi-layered filtering to offer you a granular view of clarity and allow you the best possible understanding of how your gift card programme is performing.

Make the right decisions to optimise your programme, backed up by all the fine-tuned data you could ever need.

We offer our Analytics platform as a standalone service. You don’t have to use Savvy for your gift card processing in order to access this wealth of data. Got a gift card programme? Then Savvy’s Analytics is available to you.

Savvy’s Analytics solves your business pain points

At Savvy, we want to see your gift card programme reach new heights. That’s why we offer multi-layered filtering through our Analytics platform to help you drill down into the detail.

But what exactly can our Analytics uncover and solve?

Savvy’s configurations solve your business pain points

Of course, gift cards are loaded with funds but not all of them get redeemed. But do you understand the balance of this within your gift card programme?

Savvy’s Analytics provides you with an understanding of load values and outstanding redemption values so that you can build an accurate picture of your total gift card liability in real-time to inform your P&L. You can filter this by channel, partner, brand, promotion, store location and even by card type in order to spot trends.

If you’re not reviewing past performance, how can you be sure that you’re continuously improving? Our Analytics platform allows you to understand which of your channels are performing best and where you may need to focus your efforts for development.

Perhaps you have stores around the country and you want to reward those performing well in terms of gift card sales and implement further training for those falling behind. Filter your data by sales, uplift value, redemption value over specific time periods such as month-on-month or year-on-year to monitor and compare.

Marketing is a hugely important part of any gift card programme. Savvy allows you to inform your marketing and media planning by drilling down into the data to see which channels, brands and card types are performing best.

And because all data is real-time, Savvy’s instant insights mean you can make tweaks and changes to your promotions whilst they’re still running in order to get the most out of them. Running an online gift card offer that the data shows isn’t getting much traction? Schedule additional email marketing and social media activity to raise awareness before the promotion risks making you a loss.

In general, customers spend more money with you than the value loaded on their gift card. With Savvy, you can understand which channels create the best card uplift and in turn, the true return on investment of your marketing campaigns.

The average additional spend on a gift card is 35% of the card value. But does your business understand this at a granular level? Our Analytics platform helps you identify whether a particular sales channel is performing poorly (or superbly!) when it comes to uplift and giving you the data you need to engage with those partners effectively.

Many companies have a refund policy to refund store credit onto a gift card. If that’s the case for you, Analytics data can help track at store level to ensure that this policy is complied with across your store estate and that customers are being offered the refund experience intended.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to process with Savvy to get access to our Analytics service. Savvy provides Analytics to our processing customers, but we also take transaction data feeds from other processors or in-house solutions. We can run Analytics for everyone.

There’s no need for any internal IT resources because Savvy does all the heavy lifting so projects can start straight away.

Yes, the Savvy team will create the exact reports you need, no more fixed template frustrations.. Savvy’s Analytics is designed to enable you to build custom reports specific to your needs with no caps or limits on the reports you want to create.

Your data will be 100% protected, secure and safe. We run Analytics on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure and for additional security, we fully tokenize your card data so that no usable gift card numbers are ever stored.

Analytics enables you to make informed business decisions to improve sales and remove cost wastage. Furthermore, we can dramatically improve your internal reconciliation processes between your sales data and your transactional datasets. Savvy can help build your specific internal business case.

We offer bespoke pricing, depending on your requirements. Book a meeting with us today and let’s talk about how we can help. From there, we can provide a quote and explain how we can save you money in the long run.

Yes, we run demos to show all prospective customers what our easy-to-use Analytics platform can do, so you can experience the features for yourself before you commit.